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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides are easy to locate, but how do you find the best Lake Texoma Striper Guide?  If it were easy to catch Striper on Lake Texoma, there would not be many guides!  Most anglers know this is not the case!  Lake Texoma has a bunch of guides!  The key to success on this giant impoundment is to find the best Lake Texoma Striper Guide!  We hope our website can help you find the best Striper Guide on Lake Texoma!  Lake Texoma is the best Striper Lake in the USA, come enjoy it with the best today!

How to Catch Striper on Lake Texoma

Most Lake Texoma Fishing Guides will not share information on how to catch striper on Lake Texoma!  We are cut from a different cloth!  We are on Lake Texoma 300 days per year and know where the Striper are eating!  Sharing information drives our Lake Texoma guide service, and brings in tons of referrals!  Striper will move around a bunch on Lake Texoma so fishing changes from day to day!  We use live bait when we need to and love to throw artificial baits when we can.  Lake Texoma Fishing Guide will design a trip around your needs, and show you how to catch striper on Lake Texoma!  You can find more information on our favorite Lake Texoma striper fishing lures and much more in this post!  Come join us for an action packed trip on lake Texoma for Striper and Blue Catfish!  If you need more information about Striper and Blue Catfish on Lake Texoma please visit our friends at the Texas Fishing Forum!

Lake Texoma Fishing Spots

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, the premier Striper Outfitter and Charter service!  Enjoy a day of fishing with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide on this beautiful 89,000 acre jewel in North Texas!  Lake Texoma is situated on the border between the states of Oklahoma and Texas in the Oklahoma counties of Bryan, Marshall, Johnston, and Love, and the Texas counties of Grayson and Cooke.  Notable cities surrounding the lake in Texas are Denison, Sherman, and Gainesville. In Oklahoma, the most notable city is Durant.  Other towns and cities near the lake in Bryan County, Oklahoma, include Cartwright, Colbert, Calera, Platter, and Mead. In Marshall County, Oklahoma, they include Little City, Cumberland, Kingston, Woodville, McBride, Willis, and the unsubmerged portion of Aylesworth. Most of Aylesworth was submerged under the water of the lake. Other towns and cities in Texas include Gordonville, Locust, Fink, Pottsboro, and Preston.  Several small islands on Lake Texoma are accessible only by means of water transportation. Some of the island names include, in order from west to east, West Island, Wood Island, Hog Island, Treasure Island, Little Island, and North Island.

Lake Texoma Fish Species

Management of the fishery resources at Lake Texoma is the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Lake Texoma provides habitat for at least 70 species of fish, several of which were introduced by the ODWC and TPWD. These agencies maintain a supplemental stocking program to improve the fishery resource. Those species popular for recreational fishing include largemouth, spotted, white, and striped bass; white crappie (Pomoxis annularis); and channel, blue, and flathead catfish. The striped bass fishery in particular is very popular and is considered one most successful in the nation. In addition, downstream of the dam is a tailwater fishery that supports the species and the three local catfish. American gizzard shad, threadfin shad, and inland silverside  are important forage species.  Lake Texoma has a huge population of forage fish that keep the Striper and Blue Catfish healthy year round!  Striper also spawn naturally of Lake Texoma, and makes this great lake the Striper Capital of Texas! Join Lake Texoma Fishing Guide and put a big Striper in the net!

The lake was stocked with striped bass in the late 1960s, and has proven to be an excellent habitat for them. It is one of the seven U.S. inland lakes where the striped bass reproduce naturally, instead of being farmed and released into the waters. The “stripers” feed on large schools of shad, and often reach sizes of 12 to 20 pounds, with a lake record of 35.12 pounds caught April 25, 1984. The town of Kingston celebrates the importance of striper fishing to the local area with the annual Kingston Striper Festival each September.

World Record Blue Catfish

In 2004, a blue catfish was pulled from the lake that weighed 121.5 pounds, temporarily setting a world weight record for rod-and-reel-caught catfish.  The fish was moved to a freshwater aquarium in Athens, Texas. More commonly, catfish in Lake Texoma weigh between 5 and 70 pounds!  Historically, Texas and Oklahoma have not had a reciprocal fishing license agreement, which has posed a problem for anglers. Recent boundary resolutions have given Oklahoma jurisdiction over most of the fishing in Lake Texoma. An Oklahoma fishing license allows fishing most of the lake, up to within 400 yards (370 m) of Denison Dam. To fish the entire lake, a Lake Texoma fishing license was established and made available in 1979. Remember Lake Texoma Fishing Guides are easy to find!  Striper Fish Lake Texoma with the best charter and outfitter; Lake Texoma Fishing Guide!

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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides


Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Striper Fishing Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

Enjoy a day on Lake Texoma catching Striper and White Bass!  We fish live bait and artificial lures depending on the season.  We clean, fillet and bag your Striper at the end of every trip! The Best Lake Texoma Guide!

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, Lake Texoma Striper Trips, Striper Fishing, Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Lake Texoma has 89,000 acres of great fishing and fun for you and your family to enjoy!  We can take care of all groups big or small with great fishing and accommodations!  We love outfitting corporate groups!

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, Lake Texoma Striper Trips, Striper Fishing, Lake Texoma, Blue Catfish Trips

Lake Texoma Catfish

Lake Texoma is home to some very large  Trophy Blue Catfish!  We target these big fish from November to March!  If you want a chance to put a possible world record Blue Catfish in the net, give us a call!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, Lake Texoma Fishing Report
Lake Texoma Striper Guides, Lake Texoma Fishing Report