Lake Texoma Catfish

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Lake Texoma Catfish are large and fun to catch on a rod and reel!? What does a Blue Catfish Trip consist of with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide?  Depending on the time of year, we will meet at a specified Lake Texoma Marina around 6 AM CST. We will load up the boat and make sure everyone has a valid Lake Texoma Fishing License, then its off to find Blue Catfish! Please make sure you have a Lake Texoma License! They cost $12.00 and are good until December 31. Wal-Mart and most local stores near Lake Texoma sell them! If you purchase one on your way up, ask for a “Lake Texoma” fishing license. You can also buy them online from the Texas Wildlife Department or the Oklahoma Wildlife Department.

Lake Texoma Catfish

We don’t have Blue Catfish tied up to a spot, so sometimes we have to hunt them down. Blue Catfish will move from day to day! If we are lucky, these fish will stay in an area for 2-3 days, but with boat traffic thats very rare! Once we locate the catfish we will drop cut bait on them and put them in the net!

A Catfish Trip will consist of several stops with hot catching action then………where did they go? We will fire up the big motor and go on the hunt again for Trophy Blue Catfish! This pattern is repeated until we catch a trophy or clients have had enough and we return to the marina!

Please not we release all Blue Catfish over 10 lbs.  We wnat to keep the Texoma Blue Cat Fishery strong for years to come!  We will clean your smaller fish as your crew relax with a cold drink! The Catfish will be cleaned and filleted with the red meat taken out! We will put the Catfish Fillets in a heavy zip-lock freezer bag so your crew can enjoy them at your next fish fry!

This is a typical Blue Catfish Trip with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide! If you have any questions please take a look at the section below!

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Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

You MUST have a valid Lake Texoma Fishing License!  No license, no fishing.  Area stores near Lake Texoma will sell these license for $ 12.00 valid through 12-31.  You can buy them online too!  You will need to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks.  Please dress for the season!  Hot weather means long sleeve shirt and shorts.  Light weight sunblock fabrics work great!  A wide brim hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunblock!  Winter weather means layers.  Remember you can always take layers off if it warms up!  Waterproof Jacket with a fleece liner!  Gloves and a stocking cap are a good idea too!

How long are your Trips

This will depend on the time of year and fishing conditions.  We try to fish in good and bad weather!  If fishing is great and we limit out early, it will be up to the customer if they want to fish until noon.  If it’s a grind it out type trip, we can fish until late afternoon.  The average Striper Trip with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide will start around 6 AM CST and end around Noon!  

What do you supply?

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide will provide, bait, lures, rods, reels, life jackets, and all the tools you will need to catch Striper and Blue Catfish!  You will need to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks.